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Marvel Noise Episode 302

September 6th, 2017 Comments off

Our host reveals recent reads (Back Issue 95, Secret Empire 10, and a plethora of Guardians of the Galaxy) before Andrew & wwxKev join in to talk Marvel Television (The Defenders, Marvel’s Spider-Man ‘toon, and Andrew’s trip to the L.A. premiere of The Inhumans!). Steve wraps up the episode by telling the guys about some new Kirby-related publications, Mark Waid’s current Avengers run, and recent issues of Uncanny…. #MN302 @marvelnoise

Marvel Noise Episode 198

July 14th, 2013 Comments off

MN198 tag

David’s on assignment so the inmates are ruling the asylum! Join Steve Raker, whirlwindx Kevin, Andrew the LArabbit, & Phil as they discuss IDW Artist Editions, Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Back Issue Magazine 63 & 65, Marvel UK, Upcoming Cons, Jamie Fox’s Electro, Ditko & Kirby original art, Hickman’s Avengers & New Avengers, consistent characterization in comics, Spidey Super Stories, Fun & Games Magazine, Pizzazz, Cracked, Archie & Peter Parker, Spider-Man in the ’90s, favorite runs in Avengers history, new Avengers Assemble cartoon, comic book movie expectations, and more!

music throughout by the Pink Floyd (from Obscured by Clouds LP)

Marvel Noise Episode 107

February 8th, 2010 Comments off

Pat!  Rick!  Steve!  A voicemail from Carlos!  And our host tries to get through Siege #2, Siege: Embedded #2, and Back Issue! #38 in between fights with a tickle in his throat!

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