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Marvel Noise Episode 200

We made it to 200! And our host wouldn’t have without you and a lot of help from his friends. Proving that point we have Steve recapping the Boston Comic Con as well as sitting down with Andrew, Kevin, DaveK, and Alan to talk about Marvel’s 200s.

Marvel Noise Episode 184

Fantastic Foursights! And Amazing Spider-Man #699, Avengers #1, and Daredevil: End of Days #3.

Marvel Noise Episode 183

Steve and Justin talk about the old days while our host brings up Indestructible Hulk, Captain America, Daredevil, and Amazing Spider-Man.

Marvel Noise Episode 177

Andrew talks about San Diego Comic-Con, Derek talks a bit about Daredevil and AvX, (how the megacrossover events have taken away the specialness of cameos and guest appearances. He even mentions some memorable ones and asks the listeners to share some of theirs), and our talks about Stay Angry! and Amazing Spider-Man.

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Marvel Noise Episode 175

It’s our 175th episode extravaganza! Joining Steve in the bunker are some of your favorite guests including Dave K., Andrew Shaw, LA Rabbit, and Alan ‘Power Principle’ White! After all that our host talks about The Amazing Spider-Man (movie), the David Mazzucchelli Daredevil Born Again Artist’s Edition, The Amazing Spider-Man (comicbook), Space Punisher, and more.

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Marvel Noise Episode 172

Steve welcomes Andrew and they talk What If…? while our host goes on and on about Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Men, and Incredible Hulk.

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Marvel Noise Episode 168

This week Steve, Andrew and Dave K tackle Daredevil Marvel Masterworks vol.1 while our host talks about Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Uncanny X-Force. And we explain our upcoming schedule changes.

Music by Frank Zappa with vocals by The Turtles then Napoleon Murphy Brock.

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Marvel Noise Episode 166

Steve and Kevin are back to wander around the Marvel Universe, but first our host kvetches about anatomy and gives some feedback on Uncanny X-Force, A League of One: The Dwayne McDuffie Story, Amazing Spider-Man, and Ghost Rider.

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Marvel Noise Episode 163

Pat’s back to talk about the second X-Men by Claremont/Lee Omnibus and recommend the new Uncanny X-Men series by Kieron Gillen. We introduce a new segment: Fantastic Foresights featuring Steve Raker, Alan White, and Chris Campbell. And our host talks about Scarlet Spider, Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, and Magneto: Not A Hero.

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Marvel Noise Episode 159

Pat’s back with current events talking about Fear Itself, Spider Island, and X-Men: Schism while Steve tells us about Venom, Onslaught Unleashed, and Tarzan. Our host? He goes on (and on and on) about Amazing Spider-Man including the end of Brand New Day and the start of Big Time, Heroes For Hire, Fear Itself 7.1, and some Daredevil.

Featuring the song ‘Anonymous’ by Beth Bombara and the Robotic Foundation.

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