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Marvel Noise Episode 280


Steve & Kevin hold down the fort and discuss new collected editions of classic material in this month’s Previews, new Marvel Legends figures, the state of the X-books post Secret Wars, and take a look back at the Marvel Trading Cards sets of the 1990’s! Enjoy!


Marvel Noise Episode 220

Steve, Kevin, and Andrew cover X-Men 11-19 (MMW vol.2) and are interrupted by tornado warning! Our host discusses various books including the Avengers titles.

Marvel Noise Episode 215

Steve is joined by Kevin and Andrew where they talk about X-Men in the form of Marvel Masterworks and our host gives his feelings (because “thoughts” is being generous) on The Trial of Jean Grey.

Marvel Noise Episode 209

Andrew, Kevin, and Phil finally finish a long journey as they wrap up talking about the first year of Thunderbolts history! Rick returns with Smash Tales! And Steve and Tom and Kevin (again) round up 2013! Our host rambles on about the Thunderbolts Annual, Superior Spider-Man, and All-New X-Men

Marvel Noise Episode 188

On tap is some All-New X-Men before another great installment of Fantastic Foursights.

Marvel Noise Episode 186

Derek returns with his question and Steve sits down with Andrew and Kevin to talk about Doctor Octopus while our host touches on Captain America, Cable and X-Force, Avengers, All-New X-Men, Avenging Spider-Man, and New Avengers.

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