Marvel Noise Episode 235

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Happy 2015! Steve joins Andrew and Kevin to talk about gift books (75 Years of Marvel, Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art, Drew Friedman’s Heroes of the Comics, the John Buscema Silver Surfer Artist’s Edition, and Who is Stan Lee?), then delve into some more classic Thunderbolts issues (this time up, it’s #31-33…the end of writer Kurt Busiek’s run)! Enjoy!

Marvel Noise Episode 234

You’ll hear the year-end roundtable followed by Steve, Kevin, and Andrew finishing up the Graviton arc from Thunderbolts #28-30. Plus our host breifly talks about the current Deathlok series.

Marvel Noise Episode 233

Steve brings up the first 16 issues of the Marvel Comics Presents anthology from the late ’80s then talks with Kevin and Andrew about some classic Thunderbolts year three action while our host mentions Secret Wars, Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, and The Punisher.

Marvel Noise Episode 232

It’s the return of Fantastic Foursights with Steve, Alan, and Chris (talking about the James Robinson Fantastic Four series and the future of the franchise), plus Con-Men with Steve and Andrew where they discuss the various conventions they’ve attended recently. And our host briefly touches on Rick Remender’s run on The Punisher.

Marvel Noise Episode 231

‘Marvel Goes To War’ with Steve and Rich Shannon, Super Steve then joins Andrew and Kevin to talk about some Thunderbolts action, plus the novel The Avengers and the Thunderbolts by Pierce Askegren, and our host gushes over Spider-Man.

Marvel Noise Episode 230

Andrew and Kevin take a few detours as they cover Thunderbolts merchandising along with Thunderbolts #22, Captain America/Citizen V 1998 Annual, and Thunderbolts #0 (A free Wizard issue).
Plus, Steve, Kevin, Phil, and Andrew talk about first issues and favorite monsters.

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Marvel Noise Episode 229

2011-07 marvel noise podcast flyer

The inmates run the asylum while host David Price is off at NYCC! Steve scores some old Kirby art books, presents some recently published collections of Marvel Covers, mentions Wolverine: Origins II (electric boogaloo), and re-discovers Marvel Super-Heroes vol.2 before turning the mic over to Kevin and Andrew, who bust a move discussing Thunderbolts issues 19-21! Enjoy!

Marvel Noise Episode 228

Steve, Kevin, Andrew, and Phil discuss the ‘sins’ that were revealed in the Original Sin. Plus, recent reads like All-New Invaders 9-10, Daredevil 8, Deadpool 26, Spider-Man 2099 1, New Avengers, Thanos Infinity Revelation, Secret Avengers, and Deadpool vs Carnage! Our host mentions Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Thor: God of Thunder, Moon Knight, and Spider-Man stuff.

Marvel Noise Episode 227

Andrew and Kevin continue their journey into the second year of Thunderbolts history covering issues #16-18 and Steve talks about Baltimore Comic Con. But first, our host chats about Death of Wolverine, Amazing Spider-Man 001.x, and Iron Fist: The Living Weapon.

Marvel Noise Episode 226

Andrew, Kevin, and Phil dive into the second year of The Thunderbolts, covering #13-15. Steve talks about the comic conventions from Boston and San Diego. Our host brings up Ms. Marvel, All-New Ghost Rider, Superior Spider-Man, Original Sins, and Marvel Universe LIVE!.