Marvel Noise Episode 207

Steve brings us Superheroes! (the hardcover companion to the recent PBS documentary), a review of the Avengers Alliance mobile device app, The Secret History of Marvel Comics by Blake Bell and Dr Michael Vassallo and Goodman’s publishing methods, and a publishing history of KaZar; while our host mentions Avengers and Superior Spider-Man.

Marvel Noise Episode 206

Andrew, Kevin, and Phil continue their coverage of early Thunderbolts history covering issues #6-8 as well as a guest appearance in Heroes for Heroes #7, Steve recaps his adventures at AlbanyComicBookShow experience, then covers the work Kirby and Ditko did for Marvel when they returned in the 70s, and our host talks about Indestructible Hulk and Uncanny Avengers.

Marvel Noise Episode 205

Happy Halloween! Steve talks games and Tower of Shadows while our host rambles on about Thor: God of Thunder, Savage Wolverine, Battle of the Atom, Infinity, and The Arms of the Octopus.

Marvel Noise Episode 204

GoG tag

While regular host David is off living it up at NYCC, Steve Raker & Gerry McDade cover the early publishing history of The Guardians of the Galaxy (1968-1980)!

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Marvel Noise Episode 203

Oops! Our host said it would be a short episode. That was before he found an email from Kevin. So not only do you get to hear Steve doing a Marvel NOW! scorecard update and cover 1997′s 2-issue Conspiracy series by Abnett and Kordey, you also get Andrew, Phil, Kevin take at look at the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel Universe (Superior Spider-Man Team-up #1 and 2 and Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2 and 3) as well as tip their hat to the 50th Anniversary of the X-Men. Also Phil and Kevin recount their Fan Expo Canada adventures. Plus our host talks about Thor: God of Thunder and Wolverine and the X-Men.

Marvel Noise Episode 202

Smash Tales! Andrew visits the Bunker! Steve presents the letter H! Plus, some Infinity, Battle of the Atom, and Spider-Man.

Marvel Noise Episode 201

With Steve on vacation Andrew, Phil, and Kevin soldier on Hulking out on this episode with Hunger #1, Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel UK, the first volumes of Hawkeye, Thor: God of Thunder, Captain America, and Superior Spider-man in addition to some convention talk while our host touches on Thor: God of Thunder, Infinity, and Superior Spider-Man.

Marvel Noise Episode 200

We made it to 200! And our host wouldn’t have without you and a lot of help from his friends. Proving that point we have Steve recapping the Boston Comic Con as well as sitting down with Andrew, Kevin, DaveK, and Alan to talk about Marvel’s 200s.

Marvel Noise Episode 199

Steve and Andrew talk SDCC for a bit and then Steve and Gerry cover Marvel’s ongoing back-up series of ‘Untold Tales of…’ stories featuring Thor, X-Men, Ka-Zar, Moon Knight, Doctor Strange, and more.

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KomicsKast 127: Marvel Month by Month July 1962

Please join us in welcoming the newest member of the Comic Book Noise Family: Komicskast by our good friend, Bruce Rosenberger. Since this is a skip week for the Marvel Noise podcast, we hope you enjoy this special presentation of Komicskast.


Marvel: July 1962 – Fantastic Four #5 and Incredible Hulk #2 are the comics that we talk about this month. Joining me for FF 5 is Lyle Tucker and Van Reid, and for Inc Hulk 2 is Van Reid.

We encourage you to read the issues before “joining us” but you’re welcome either way!

A amazing site that lets you see just what books were being published this month (or any month for that matter!):

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