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Marvel Noise Episode 223

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Steve and Andrew cover Marvel Super-Special #1-41 while our host (quietly) praises Captain America, All-New Invaders, Moon Knight, Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu, and The Punisher.

Marvel Noise Episode 222

Steve, Kevin, and Andrew give the (Dare)devil his due covering 50 years of the the Man Without Fear while our host doesn’t comes nowhere near a point.

Marvel Noise Episode 220

Steve, Kevin, and Andrew cover X-Men 11-19 (MMW vol.2) and are interrupted by tornado warning! Our host discusses various books including the Avengers titles.

Marvel Noise Episode 217

It’s Raker’s Raiders! And the guys are back to talk about some more Marvel.NOW first issues like All-New Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Silver Surfer, Inhuman, Iron Patriot, Captain America – Homecoming, and more! While our host mentions Moon Knight, Silver Surfer, Iron Patriot, and Winter Soldier: The Bitter March.

Marvel Noise Episode 216

Steve and co. talk some Marvel.NOW issues while our host brings up the All-New Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Wolverine and the X-Men, and the All-New Invaders

Marvel Noise Episode 215

Steve is joined by Kevin and Andrew where they talk about X-Men in the form of Marvel Masterworks and our host gives his feelings (because “thoughts” is being generous) on The Trial of Jean Grey.

Marvel Noise Episode 214

Andrew, Kevin, Phil, and Steve discuss She-Hulk, Fantastic Four, Winter Soldier: Bitter March, New Warriors, X-Force, and more! While our host doesn’t do much with his ‘reviews’ of The Punisher and Wolverine.

Marvel Noise Episode 212

While your regular host is off gallivanting with gallivant-worthy entities, DC takes over the show (not the corporate rivals who own Superman, but the despised Derek Coward, who usually keeps his rambling confined to Comic Book Noise) and introduces a segment by Steve and the guys by insulting a bunch of people while talking about Blade and the inability to make him a big name hero in comics. Fast forward to about nine minutes in to get to the Rakery goodness.



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Marvel Noise Episode 211

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While usual host David is missed, Steve Raker, Kevin whirlwindx, Phil, and Andrew the LArabbit combine forces and discuss the All-New Marvel NOW! titles that have hit the shelves so far!

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Marvel Noise Episode 210

Host Derek Coward keeps this from being a skip week by talking about The Hero Initiative, beginning and ending universes, and Tom Brevoort’s answers to questions.

The music is “No Sugar In My Coffee” by¬†Caught a Ghost (

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