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Marvel Noise Episode 175

It’s our 175th episode extravaganza! Joining Steve in the bunker are some of your favorite guests including Dave K., Andrew Shaw, LA Rabbit, and Alan ‘Power Principle’ White! After all that our host talks about The Amazing Spider-Man (movie), the David Mazzucchelli Daredevil Born Again Artist’s Edition, The Amazing Spider-Man (comicbook), Space Punisher, and more.

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Marvel Noise Episode 174

Fantastic Foursights! And an introduction by a special guest.

Music: Take Five by George Benson

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Marvel Noise Episode 173

Welcome to Episode 173 of Marvel Noise. While your host is off fighting the good fight, Derek Coward (who didn’t bother to introduce himself) tries to fill his shoes. Luckily, Steve and Kevin save the day with another look around the Marvel U. Derek returns to trambke endlessly about making his son a comic book fan.

Music by Sharon Jones and the DAP Kings. And Warren Zevon.

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