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Black Widow Meets The Super Hero Squad!

SHS_Ep13_TitleCardThis Saturday, at 8:30 AM Eastern on Cartoon Network, prepare to meet the world’s most deadly super heroine—Black Widow joins the Super Hero Squad Show! With the Lethal Legion lying in wait, will Black Widow (voiced by Terminator & 300’s Lena Headey) be the hero that saves the day—or dooms our heroes? The most action-packed family-friendly show in the universe continues to “Hero Up” with another sensational new episode, guest starring Songbird, Nick Fury, Mystique, Screaming Mimi and more of your favorites!

“Wherever viewers happen to catch the show, they’ll be rewarded for their time, given Marvel Entertainment’s goal of pleasing every demographic possible. From quick wits and fart jokes to sizzling action and some subtle phantasmagoria, The Super Hero Squad Show works on enough levels to bring families together.”—Scott Thill, Wired.Com

Plus, don’t miss the new Marvel Super Hero Squad series, jam-packed with your favorite Marvel heroes and all-ages action, in comic shops now!

Tune into the Cartoon Network at 8:30 AM on Saturday to “Hero Up!” with your favorite characters in the Marvel Universe—or any other—in an all-new episode of The Super Hero Squad Show!

To learn more about The Super Hero Squad Show, please visit and!

SHS_Ep13_Preview1 SHS_Ep13_Preview2 SHS_Ep13_Preview3 SHS_Ep13_Preview4 SHS_Ep13_Preview5 SHS_Ep13_Preview6 SHS_Ep13_Preview7

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Preview: Iron Man #20

InvincibleIronMan_20_CoverInvincible Iron Man #20 Shatters the Status Quo Forever!
After the shocking conclusion to Tony Stark’s battle with the Iron Patriot, nothing will ever be the same as “Stark: Disassembled” begins in Invincible Iron Man #20! The Eisner Award-winning team of Matt Fraction and artist Salvador Larroca begin a new chapter in their critically acclaimed epic run asthe darkest chapter of Tony Stark’s life—or is that afterlife—begins! A perfect InvincibleIronMan_20_MarkoCoverjumping on point for new readers, this landmark issue has three – count em’, three – covers by superstars Salvador Larroca, Patrick Zircher, and Marko Djurdjevic!

Critics and fans can’t stop praising Invincible Iron Man:

“Fraction’s Tony Stark has been one of the most well-defined portrayals of the character ever… Maybe the best version of Iron Man ever. Larroca and D’Armata really are at their best with the mechanical aspects of this series.” – Timothy Callahan,

“If you haven’t given this a try yet, you really should…Highly Recommended!” – Adam Chapman,

“Fraction continues with his excellent characterization of Tony Stark.” –

“Invincible Iron Man has provided a high-quality, 12-issue storyline with a consistent art team in the space of just 10 months–and that’s definitely something to be proud of.” – David Wallace,
Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Invincible Iron Man, the series continues to generate buzz and enthrall readers! No Marvel fan can miss Invincible Iron Man #20!

InvincibleIronMan_20_ZircherCover InvincibleIronMan_20_Preview1 InvincibleIronMan_20_Preview2

Art and 50/50 Cover by SALVADOR LARROCA
50/50 Cover by PATRICK ZIRCHER
Rated A…$3.99
FOC – 10/29/09, On Sale 11/18/09

To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or visit

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MarvelFest NYC 2009 Announces Full Guest List For Astonishing X-Men Premiere!

October 27th, 2009 Comments off

MarvelFestNYC2009Marvel is pleased to announce the full guest list for the hotly-anticipated MarvelFest NYC 2009, celebrating the premiere of the Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic, in Union Square tomorrow, October 28th, at 6pm! Joining already announced superstar creators Neal Adams (Uncanny X-Men, Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic Director), Chris Claremont (Uncanny X-Men, X-Men Forever), and Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man) are Frank Tieri (Wolverine), Paolo Rivera (Marvel Mythos), Jacob Chabot (X-Babies) and Reilly Brown (Cable & Deadpool)! Also, Marvel is pleased to announce Special Guest Scott Adsit from 30 Rock, making his MarvelFest debut as a guest judge for the MarvelFest Costume Contest.

Get those schedules out, because MarvelFest is jam-packed with events! First, visit Forbidden Planet ( for an x-tra big autograph signing session with Adams, Claremont and Slott! Then, at 6pm, head over to Union Square for giveaways straight from the House of Ideas and the MarvelFest Costume Contest, in which contestants (18 years old and older) will have a MarvelFestNYC2009_CostumeContestchance to win a variety of prizes, including the grand prize of being featured in a Marvel comic book! All contestants will receive a limited-edition Nick Fury Hasbro action figure (while supplies last), an exclusive Vengeance of The Moon Knight #1 MarvelFest Variant comic book and a 1 month subscription to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited just for participating in the costume contest!! Plus, get free sketches from Rivera, Chabot and Brown AND have your picture taken in front of a life-size comic book cover!

Finally, at 7pm, in celebration of the release of the Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic, based on the award winning story by superstars Joss Whedon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and John Cassaday (Captain America), the landmark first episode of Astonishing X-Men will be projected three stories high so that fans can experience the adventure like never before!

You’ve heard about it everywhere from TV Guide to MTV to USA Today – now experience the most groundbreaking comic book event of the year as MarvelFest takes over New York’s historic Union Square! And don’t miss the Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic, available on iTunes tomorrow!

For complete details and official costume contest rules regarding MarvelFest NYC 2009 please visit

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Marvel Noise Episode 97: Hulk Team-Up

October 26th, 2009 Comments off

One of those episodes where the host shoots off a quick review (of Hulk Team-Up Featuring Hulk and Uncanny X-Men) and Pat gives us the new releases, Steve entertains us, and a couple voicemails pop up.

Discuss this episode on the forum.

The Quahaugs, Weeds Amongst Flowers (

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Facebook Marvel Noise Group:
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Shipping October 28, 2009:

Amazing Spider-Man Presents Anti-Venom New Ways To Live #2 $3.99
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Laughing Corpse Book 3 Executioner #1 $3.99
Avengers The Initiative #29 Incentive Super Hero Squad Variant Cover – [PI]
Avengers The Initiative #29 Regular Matteo De Longis Cover $2.99
Dark Avengers Ares #1 $3.99
Dark Reign The List Part 2 Daredevil 2nd Ptg Variant Cover $3.99
Dark Reign The List Part 6 Punisher Incentive Frank Cho Hero Variant Cover – [PI]
Dark Reign The List Part 6 Punisher Regular John Romita Jr Cover $3.99
Dark Reign The List Part 7 Wolverine Incentive Frank Cho Hero Variant Cover – [PI]
Dark Reign The List Part 7 Wolverine Regular Esad Ribic Cover $3.99
Dark Reign Young Avengers #5 $3.99
Enders Shadow Command School #2 $3.99
Fantastic Four Visionaries John Byrne Vol 1 TP New Printing $24.99
Fantastic Four Vol 3 #572 Incentive Dale Eaglesham Human Torch Variant Cover – [PI]
Fantastic Four Vol 3 #572 Incentive Super Hero Squad Variant Cover – [PI]
Fantastic Four Vol 3 #572 Regular Alan Davis Cover $2.99
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 #19 $2.99
Halo Helljumper #4 $3.99
Hulk Vol 2 #16 Incentive Ed McGuiness Deadpool Variant Cover – [PI]
Hulk Vol 2 #16 Incentive Ed McGuinness Variant Cover – [PI]
Hulk Vol 2 #16 Regular Ian Churchill Cover $3.99
Hulk Vol 3 Hulk No More HC $19.99
Incredible Hercules #137 $2.99
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 Worlds Most Wanted Book 1 TP $14.99
Kabuki Vol 7 The Alchemy TP $24.99
Laurell K Hamiltons Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Laughing Corpse Vol 1 Animator TP $16.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #56 $2.99
Marvel Divas #4 $3.99
Marvel Holiday Spectacular 2009 Regular Ed McGuinness Cover $9.99
Marvel Holiday Spectacular 2009 Variant Spider-Man Balloon Cover $9.99
Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 TP Book Market Edition $24.99
Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 TP Direct Market Edition $24.99
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Menace Vol 1 HC Regular Dust Jacket $59.99
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Menace Vol 1 HC Variant Dust Jacket $59.99
Models Inc #3 Regular Scott Clark Cover $3.99
Models Inc #3 Variant Greg Land Zombie Cover $3.99
Ms Marvel Vol 2 #46 Incentive Sana Takeda Zombie Variant Cover – [PI]
Ms Marvel Vol 2 #46 Regular Sana Takeda Cover $2.99
New Avengers #58 $3.99
New Avengers Vol 10 Power TP $15.99
New Mutants Vol 3 #6 Incentive Zombie Variant Cover (Necrosha Part 2) – [PI]
New Mutants Vol 3 #6 Regular Adam Kubert Cover (Necrosha Part 2) $2.99
Nova Vol 4 #30 $2.99
Punisher Vol 7 #10 Incentive Rest In Pieces Variant Cover – [PI]
Punisher Vol 7 #10 Regular Mike McKone Cover $2.99
Riftwar #5 $3.99
Secret Warriors #9 Incentive Gerald Parel Zombie Variant Cover – [PI]
Secret Warriors #9 Incentive Super Hero Squad Variant Cover – [PI]
Secret Warriors #9 Regular Jim Cheung Cover $2.99
Skaar Son Of Hulk #16 $2.99
Spider-Man American Son HC $19.99
Spider-Man Clone Saga #2 $3.99
Spider-Man Newspaper Strips HC $39.99
Spin Angels #3 $5.99
Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #1 Incentive Retailer Summit Steve Kurth Villain Sketch Cover – [PI]
Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #2 $3.99
Ultimate Comics Avengers #3 $3.99
Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #1 2nd Ptg David Finch Sketch Variant Cover $3.99
War Machine Vol 2 #10 (Dark Reign Tie-In) $2.99
Wolverine Art Appreciation One Shot $3.99
Wolverine First Class #20 $2.99
Wolverine Old Man Logan HC Regular Steve McNiven Cover $34.99
Wolverine Old Man Logan HC Variant Michael Turner Cover $34.99
Wolverine Weapon X #6 Adam Kubert Cover $3.99
Wolverine Weapon X #6 Joe Kubert Cover $3.99
X Necrosha One Shot Incentive Clayton Crain Variant Cover (Necrosha Part 1) – [PI]
X Necrosha One Shot Regular Clayton Crain Cover (Necrosha Part 1) $3.99
X-Factor Vol 3 #50 $3.99
X-Force Vol 3 #20 (Necrosha Tie-In) $2.99
X-Men Forever Vol 2 #10 Incentive Zombie Variant Cover – [PI]
X-Men Forever Vol 2 #10 Regular Tom Grummett Cover $3.99

Product Updates:

  • Avengers: Initiative #29 (AUG090457D, $2.99; FOC 10/08/09) will have art by Jorge Molina, not Rafa Sandoval.
  • Dark Avengers: Ares #1 (AUG090465D, $3.99; FOC 10/01/09) will have pencils by Manuel Garcia, not Cary Nord.
  • Models Inc. #3 (Regular/Zombie Variant: AUG090491-2D, $3.99; FOC 10/08/09) will now have a six-page Zombie Model back-up story by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover along with the solicited 22-page main story. The book’s total page count (32) and $3.99 price are unchanged. Additionally, the Zombie Variant – featuring a cover by Greg Land — may be ordered in any quantity without restrictions, rather than as a 1:10 variant, as solicited.
  • Models Inc. #3 (Reg./Var.: AUG090491-2D, $3.99) will be 40 pages, not 32 pages, to accommodate the main story and a zombie back-up story.
  • Ms. Marvel #46 Zombie Variant (AUG090494D, $2.99; FOC 10/08/09) will have cover art by Sana Takeda.
  • Secret Warriors #9 Zombie Variant (AUG090502D, $2.99; FOC 10/08/09) will have cover art by Gerald Parel.
  • Spin Angels (#3: AUG090438D, FOC 10/08/09; #4: OCT090481D, FOC 11/12/09; $5.99 ea.) will expand from a three-part limited series to four parts.
  • X-Force/New Mutants: Necrosha (AUG090522D, $3.99; FOC 10/01/09) has been retitled X Necrosha One-Shot.
  • X-Force/New Mutants: Necrosha Crain Variant (AUG09-0523D, $3.99; FOC 10/01/09) has been retitled X-Necrosha One-shot Crain Variant.
  • In addition to Clayton Crain, X-Necrosha One-shot (AUG090522D, $3.99; FOC 10/01/09) will also have pencils by Ibraim Roberson.
  • Wolverine HC: Old Man Logan & Variant (AUG090551-2D, $34.99) will have 224 pages, not 208 pages.
  • Wolverine HC: Old Man Logan (Reg./DM: AUG090551-2D, $34.99; FOC 09/10/09) was correctly listed on page 88 of the August Marvel Previews as a Regular HC. However, it was incorrectly listed on the Diamond order form as a Premiere HC. Please be aware of this when ordering.

X-Men’s Deadliest Ninja Gets Spotlighted In The Free PSYLOCKE Sketchbook

October 23rd, 2009 Comments off

Psylocke_01_Cover1Torn from the pages of Uncanny X-Men, the most dangerous mutant ninja assassin is getting her own mini-series, and you have a chance to go behind the scenes of Psylocke for FREE! Discover the Psylocke Sketchbook, courtesy of Marvel Digital Comic Unlimited, right here! Red hot writer Christopher Yost and fan favorite artist Harvey Tolibao provide in depth commentary on never before seen sketches from the upcoming series! What sends Psylocke into a murderous frenzy? And how is Wolverine involved? Fans can’t afford to miss this sneak peak into an explosive story of betrayal and revenge!

This highly anticipated mini-series promises to change the already significant role of Psylocke forever! Be sure to check out the Psylocke Sketchbook for FREE right here! Don’t forget to get your hands on the very pulse-pounding Psylocke #1, in-stores November 11th!

PSYLOCKE #1 (SEP090483)
Parental Advisory …$3.99
On Sale 11/4/09

PSYLOCKE #2 (OCT090571)
Parental Advisory …$3.99
FOC – 11/12/09, On Sale 12/2/09

To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or visit

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Deadpool #16 Sells Out And Returns With A Second Printing!

October 21st, 2009 Comments off

Deadpool_16_SecondPrintingVariantMarvel is pleased to announce that Deadpool #16 has sold out at Diamond (though copies may still be available at retail level) and will return with Deadpool #16 Second Printing Variant! The fan favorite creative team of scribe Daniel Way and powerful artist Paco Medina keep the laughs rolling as Deadpool is cordially invited to join…the X-Men? That team up makes as much sense as a swimming pool full of pancakes! How does the insane in the membrane Deadpool respond to Cyclops’ reluctant invitation? Also, this second printing features Medina’s stunning interior art on the cover!

Critics and fans alike are raving about the raucous Deadpool:

“In comedy, timing is everything and Deadpool is a pretty funny book. Way has always demonstrated a keen instinct for how action sequences work. Deadpool is the rare thing in comics–not only funny but funny for the right reasons.” – Michael Colbert,

“The art is excellent and matches the tone of the script perfectly… [Deadpool] is a character whose exploits I’m very glad to be following.” – Scott A. Williams,

Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Deadpool, as the series has sold out of EVERY ISSUE and continues to garner increased fan interest each month! Just what part do the pancakes play in all of this? Find out the answer in Deadpool #16 Second Printing Variant!

Written by DANIEL WAY
Pencils & Cover by PACO MEDINA
Parental Advisory …$2.99
FOC – 11/5/09, On Sale – 11/25/09

To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or visit

Preview: The Stand: Soul Survivors #1

October 21st, 2009 Comments off

The Horror Epic Continues In The Stand: Soul Survivors #1–On Sale Now!

TheStand_SoulSurvivors_01_CoverMarvel’s critically acclaimed Stephen King adaptation begins another epic volume in The Stand: Soul Survivors #1, ON SALE NOW! The critically-lauded creative team of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Mike Perkins return to deliver their most thrilling story yet! Nick Andros is fed up of haunted visions from the sinister Randall Flagg, but the only person that can help him is hundreds of corpse littered miles away! Other survivors of Captain Trips keep popping up, but not all of them welcome…

Critics and fans have been raving about Marvel’s graphic fiction adaptation of The Stand:

“Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has been brilliant in adapting Stephen King’s novel into the comic medium…taking all the emotion and horror from the classic horror novel and capturing it perfectly. A tremendous achievement.” — Paul Stotts, Bloodofthemuse.comTheStand_SoulSurvivors_01_VariantCover

“Aguirre-Sacasa and Perkins bring King’s story to life wonderfully, capturing the atmosphere of the story perfectly.” – David Wallace,

“Marvel’s vision of The Stand remains one of the most faithful adaptations on the market. It channels nearly everything that makes the novel great and makes it work in the context of a comic book.” – Jesse Schedeen,

Who is accompanying Nick Andros to his mysterious destination? Find out in the shocking issue The Stand: Soul Survivors #1, ON SALE NOW!

For more on The Stand, please visit or

Published by arrangement with The Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc. This graphic novel is produced under license from The Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group and Stephen King.

TheStand_SoulSurvivors_01_Preview1 TheStand_SoulSurvivors_01_Preview2 TheStand_SoulSurvivors_01_Preview3 TheStand_SoulSurvivors_01_Preview4 TheStand_SoulSurvivors_01_Preview5 TheStand_SoulSurvivors_01_Preview6

Penciled by MIKE PERKINS
Parental Advisory …$3.99


Penciled by MIKE PERKINS
Parental Advisory SLC …$24.99

To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or visit

The Astonishing X-Men Join S.W.O.R.D To Save Earth!

October 20th, 2009 Comments off

Sword_01_CoverBlasting out of Astonishing X-Men and Secret Invasion, the intergalactic S.W.O.R.D. organization now boldy takes you where no series has gone before—with the X-Men’s Beast & Lockheed along for the ride! Enter the extra-sized S.W.O.R.D. #1, from rising stars Kieron Gillen (Thor) and Steven Sanders (Five Fists of Science), as former Avengers-liason Henry Gyrich joins the enigmatic Agent Brand as top dog in space—but why does he think that ridding Earth of all aliens will save it? What will his plan do to the very fabric of the Marvel Universe? And just what does the arrival of Beast mean for S.W.O.R.D.? The answers arrive in the extra-sized S.W.O.R.D. #1, featuring a cover from superstar artist John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men). Plus, don’t miss a bonus story by the acclaimed creative team of Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie featuring the incomparable Lockheed!

Sword_01_Preview1 Sword_01_Preview2

S.W.O.R.D. #1 (SEP090475)
Rated A …$3.99
FOC—10/22/09, On-Sale—11/18/09

To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or visit

The Super Hero Squad Show Goes Daily on Cartoon Network!

October 20th, 2009 Comments off

SHS_Episode08_TitleCardThis week, every day at 8:30 AM Eastern on Cartoon Network, experience the red-hot Super Hero Squad Show, featuring the most action-packed, family-friendly super hero action in the universe! Get ready to experience five all newSHS_Episode09_TitleCard episodes as the Squad must “Hero Up” against their greatest threats yet!

On Tuesday, October 20th, a new villain named Scorpio tries to steal top secret Stark Tech—but just what does the enigmatic Nick Fury have to do with all this? You’re going to find out, True Believer!

The Super Hero Squad needs a new home on Wednesday, October 21st, but it turns out that Reptil’s bedroom and Punisher’s van just SHS_Episode10_TitleCardaren’t big enough! Film star Ray Stevenson provides the voices of guest stars Dr. Strange and The Punisher, while the Enchantress, Baron Mordo and more join in on the action!

Then, on Thursday, October 22nd, Doom’s nefarious ally Egghead (voiced by Seinfeld’s Wayne Knight) thinks he can steal a fractal from the Squad by SHS_Episode11_TitleCardshrinking to insect size, but he’s in for a surprise! Enter Ant-Man (voiced by Heroes star Greg Grunberg), who leads the team into battle with Doom’s forces and into…Hulk’s nose?

Wolverine wants out of the Squad on Friday, October 23rd, and joins the international All-Captains Squad, becoming…Captain Canada! It’s time to meet Captain Britain, Captain America, Captain SHS_Episode12_TitleCardLichtenstein, Captain Brazil & Captain Australia! But does Wolverine belong with them or will he return to the Squad?

Things are out of this world on Saturday, October 24th, when Doctor Doom makes a deal with cosmic baddie Thanos! Meanwhile, the Squad and Fantastic Four team up to battle Super-Skrull and his army of Skrulls! Buffy and Angel star James Marsters voices Mr. Fantastic, while guest-stars H.E.R.B.I.E., Paste Pot Pete, and more shake the universe to its core!

Plus, don’t miss Marvel Super Hero Squad #1, jam-packed with your favorite Marvel heroes and all ages action, in comic shops now!

SHS_Episode08_MsMarvel SHS_Episode09_Enchantress SHS_Episode10_Hulk

To learn more about The Super Hero Squad Show, please visit and!

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Marvel Solicitations for January 2010

October 20th, 2009 Comments off

Courtesy of Marvel, listed below are the advance solicitations for January, 2010.


Click here or the above image for the cover gallery.

Read more…

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