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Review: Punisher War Journal #24

September 30th, 2008 Comments off

After his tango with Jigsaw and capture by S.H.I.E.L.D., Frank has been living the dream at a S.H.I.E.L.D. maximum security prison. Thanks to the
Skrulls knocking out all Stark Industries technology worldwide during their invasion of Earth, Frank finds himself back on the streets and doing what he does best: killing. Luckily for Frank, and not so lucky for the Skrulls, there are plenty of targets to take out and get his kill numbers back up to where they were preincarceration. It’s all out Skrull busting (or bursting) fun as the Punisher brings his one man army to the frontlines in this Secret Invasion crossover.

Matt Fraction and Rick Reminder seem to really be having a good time with this book. I definitely know I have! I’ve starting picking this book up a little late in Fractions and Reminders run, but what I’ve read I have thoroughly enjoyed. This issue was no exception. It was a blast seeing Frank charge into battle with a bazooka in one hand, driving a big pickup decked out with Skrull skulls (try saying that three times fast) while blasting AM Gold on the radio. There was lots of action mixed with some good moments of humor. It was a little weird, and maybe just a little out of character, seeing Frank having a good time taking out the Skrulls, but it still made for an enjoyable story. I particularly enjoy the moments between Frank and Bridge. I like the banter back and forth between the two, and even though Bridge keeps trying to capture him, Frank is always there saving his butt.

I’m really starting to warm up to Howard Chaykin’s art, though it has taken me several issues to get used to his style of drawing. I really appreciate the amount of detail he puts into each page. Where as before I was a little distracted by the way he drew his characters, I found myself able to really get into this story both story and art wise.

If I had one complaint about this issue, it would be the white suited Hammerhead/Kingpin Skrull. I know they are putting the super Skrulls in outfits similar to their supervillan/hero counterparts so we will know who they are getting their powers from, but sometimes it just turns out all kinds of goofy looking. That being said, this issue was still a blast to read! Matt Fraction and Rick Reminder are doing a fantastic job, and I’m really gaining an appreciation for Howard Chaykin’s art. If your looking for a something a little different from what your used to with the Punisher, I highly recommend giving this issue a shot!

Parental Advisory …$2.99

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Preview: Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #1

September 29th, 2008 Comments off

Logan Is Targeted For X-Cution in Wolverine: Manifest Destiny

The X-Men have found a new home in the sunny city of San Francisco, but that doesn’t mean everything’s fine for Wolverine! The past catches up with everyone’s favorite Canadian Canucklehead once again in Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #1 (of 4), from acclaimed writer Jason Aaron (Wolverine, Ghost Rider) along with rising-star artist Stephen Segovia (Wolverine: Origins), as a bounty is put out on Wolverine’s head! Logan’s ex now leads the Triads, gathering four mystical warriors with the power to kill Wolverine — guess he should’ve stayed in New York! The snikt is about to hit the fan!

Fans and critics couldn’t be more pleased with Aaron’s return to Wolverine, following his acclaimed “Get Mystique” storyline:

“Add Jason Aaron to the list of X-writers returning these characters to what they do best as individuals and ensembles.” – Bryant Frattalone of

“Jason Aaron has himself an appropriate niche, telling a solo Wolverine action story that showcases the character’s brains as much as his brawn.” – James Hunt of

“To put it simply, Wolverine is an extremely torn character, and it just so happens that Jason Aaron is outstanding when it comes to writing irresolute characters.” – Daniel Crown of

Setting the stage for major events to come, make sure you pick your copy of Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #1 (of 4), bub!

Written by JASON AARON
Parental Advisory …$2.99
FOC—10/02/08, On-Sale—10/22/08

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Review: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The Laughing Corpse #1

September 28th, 2008 Comments off

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: The Laughing Corpse is my first introduction to Laurell K. Hamilton’s world of vampires, werewolves and monsters. This issue definitely has piqued my interest in the series. My first impression of the character of Anita Blake is that she seems to be your typical hard-as-nails female cop (even though she’s not a cop) that you would see on tv except for a few small quirks, such as getting queasy at the sight of blood, that I found kinda funny considering her profession. This issue doesn’t give us much of a look at what her career exactly is, and since this is the first time I’ve read anything from this series, that is something I would have liked to have seen just a little bit more of. However, what we do learn from the story has me really interested to check out the rest of this series. From this first issue, I’m kinda getting a Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets CSI vibe, which is certainly not a bad thing.

Series creator Laurell K. Hamilton and adapter Jess Ruffner deliver a fairly solid story. I enjoyed the interaction between each of the characters and thought the dialog was well written. I would have liked to at least gotten a little glimpse of a vampire, werewolf or zombie since that is what got me interested in this book in the first place, but that is just a personal preference and didn’t take away any from the story. I thoroughly enjoyed the art form the team of Ron Lim and June Chung. I thought each page was beautifully rendered and the great colors from June Chung were really impressive.

In conclusion, I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of this story. These are the type of stories I usually really enjoy, so I’m hoping this one doesn’t let me down. I’m going to have to check out the first Anita Blake trade to learn a little bit more about this character.

Mature …$3.99

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Marvel Noise Episode 49

September 24th, 2008 Comments off

We’re back with Pat, Mike, and Steve as they bring you the new releases, current events, movie news, and flashbacks. And for some reason, our host goes on about Comic Book Noise 136. Again.

X-Men: Supernovas, Wolverine, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Immortal Iron Fist, Marvel Boy, and New X-Men are discussed.

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Marvel items on sale, 9/24/08

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #568 2nd Ptg John Romita Jr Variant Cover $3.99
Angel Revelations #5 $3.99
Avengers The Initiative #17 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Black Panther Vol 4 #41 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Black Panther Back To Africa TP $16.99
Cable Vol 1 Messiah War HC $19.99
Captain America Vol 5 #42 $2.99
Daredevil Vol 2 #111 Incentive David Aja Variant Cover – [PI]
Daredevil Vol 2 #111 Regular Marko Djurdjevic Cover $2.99
Daredevil Vol 2 #111 Regular Terry Dodson Cover $2.99
Deadpool Vol 3 #2 Incentive Ed McGuinness Variant Cover (Secret Invasion Tie-In) – [PI]
Deadpool Vol 3 #2 Regular Clayton Crain Cover (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Fantastic Four True Story #3 $2.99
Fantastic Four Vol 3 #560 $2.99
Hulk Vol 2 #6 Incentive Michael Turner Variant Cover – [PI]
Hulk Vol 2 #6 Regular Cover A Green Hulk $2.99
Hulk Vol 2 #6 Regular Cover B Red Hulk $2.99
Immortal Iron Fist Orson Randall And The Death Queen Of California $3.99
Iron Man Legacy Of Doom HC $19.99
Marvel 1985 #5 $3.99
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #40 $2.99
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #3 $2.99
Marvel Boy HC Book Market Edition $24.99
Marvel Illustrated Moby Dick HC $19.99
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Heroes Vol 3 HC Regular Dust Jacket $59.99
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Heroes Vol 3 HC Variant Dust Jacket $59.99
Marvel Monsters Poster Book $6.99
Ms Marvel Vol 2 #31 Incentive Monkey Variant Cover – [PI]
Ms Marvel Vol 2 #31 Regular Frank Martin Jr Cover $2.99
New Avengers #45 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
New Warriors Vol 4 #16 $2.99
Nova Vol 4 #17 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Powers Vol 2 #30 $3.95
Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe New Edition 2nd Ptg Steve Dillon Variant Cover $4.99
Runaways Vol 3 #2 $2.99
Samurai Legend #1 Regular Frederic Genet Cover $5.99
Samurai Legend #1 Variant US Exclusive Cover $5.99
Secret Invasion #3 3rd Ptg Leinil Francis Yu Sketch Variant Cover $3.99
Secret Invasion Amazing Spider-Man #2 $2.99
Secret Invasion Inhumans #1 2nd Ptg Tom Raney Variant Cover $2.99
Secret Invasion Thor #1 2nd Ptg Doug Braithwaite Variant Cover $2.99
Secret Invasion X-Men #1 2nd Ptg Cary Nord Variant Cover (X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In) $2.99
She-Hulk 2 #33 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Skaar Son Of Hulk Presents Savage World Of Sakaar #1 $3.99
Spider-Man Family Itsy-Bitsy Battles TP Digest $9.99
Thunderbolts #124 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Ultimate Fantastic Four X-Men Annual #1 $3.99
Ultimate Spider-Man #126 $2.99
Ultimates 3 #5 Cover A $2.99
Ultimates 3 #5 Cover B $2.99
Uncanny X-Men Divided We Stand TP $12.99
Wolverine First Class #7 $2.99
Wolverine First Class Rookie TP $12.99
Wolverine Origins #28 $2.99
Wolverine Roar $3.99
X-Factor Vol 5 Only Game In Town HC $19.99
X-Force Vol 3 #7 $2.99
X-Men Legacy #216 $2.99

Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine #72 Black Widow $12.00
Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine #73 Kang $12.00

Product Updates:

  • The Cable Premiere HC Vol. 01: Messiah War (JUL082383D, $19.99; FOC 08/21/08) will run 128 pages, not 120 pages.
  • Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #40 (JUL082290D, $2.99; FOC 09/04/08) will have art by Matteo Lolli and Scott Koblish, not Ronan Cliquet.
  • The Marvel Illustrated Premiere HC: Moby Dick (JUL08-2395D, $19.99; FOC 08/14/08) will be 152 pages, not 144 pages.
  • Secret Invasion: Spider-Man-Brand New Day (#1: JUN082356D, FOC 08/07/08; #2: JUL082313D, FOC 09/04/08; $2.99 ea.) has been retitled Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #1 & #2.
  • Skaar: Son of Hulk Presents Savage World #1 (JUL082339D, $3.99; FOC 09/04/08) will have art by Gabriel Hardman and Timothy Green III along with Carlo Pagulayan.
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-Men Annual #1 (JUL082260D, $3.99; FOC 09/04/08) will have art by Brandon Peterson and Eric Nguyen, not Eric Basaldua.
  • Wolverine: First Class #7 (JUL082365D, $2.99; FOC 09/04/08) will have pencils by Steve Cummings, not Michael Golden.
  • X-Men: Legacy #216 (JUL082349D, $2.99, FOC 09/04/08) will have art by Phil Briones, not Scot Eaton.

Review: Daredevil #111

September 23rd, 2008 Comments off

Daredevil #111 features the new story arc from writer Ed Brubaker and the new art team Clay Mann and Stefano Guadiano. After the events in the last arc, this issue opens up with Matt helping Dakota North find some relief for her injured shoulder through the healing hands of the Iron Fist himself, Danny Rand. Unbeknownst to the pair, they are being watched from above by a mysterious new villain who has taken a special affinity to one of Daredevils oldest and deadliest foes. Meanwhile, Matt finds some new trouble to throw onto his ever increasing pile of worry in a shocking surprise that really threw me for a loop!

I thought Ed Brubaker delivered a home run with this issue! The issue doesn’t feature much action, but I thought there were some fantastic moments between the players. The dialog was terrific and very believable. The surprise I mentioned above, and I’m not going to reveal it here, felt very real and didn’t feel forced and I loved Matt’s reaction to it all. I’m really looking forward to seeing the new villain, Lady Bullseye, in action. We get a brief glimpse into her origin and I can’t wait to see how Brubaker uses her in this story!

The art from the team of penciler Clay Mann and inker Stefano Guadiano was absolutely fantastic! I thought it fit in very well with what Michael Lark has been doing, and at times I found myself liking it even more. This is the first time I can remember reading a Daredevil issue and thinking Dakota North looks hot! Clay Mann is an artist I’m definately going to start keeping an eye on!

In all, this was a excellent start to this new arc! I’m absolutely loving what Ed Brubaker has been doing with this book, and can’t wait to see where he takes Matt next. Plus, if this issue is any indication, we may be getting a very cool teamup in the coming months. I highly recommend checking Daredevil #111 out if you haven’t been reading this series!

Rated T+ …$2.99

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Review: X-Force #7

September 21st, 2008 Comments off

X-Force #7 kicks off the new story arc from series creators Greg Kyle and Christopher Yost. The story focuses on the team as they try and regroup from their battle with Bastion and the Pacifiers. The revived X-men baddies that were revieled in the first arc are starting to make their reappearances around the world and are beginning their mission of spreading mutant hate. The team knows they are soon going to be going after those targets soon, but first they are going to have to deal with an even more dangerous threat!

If your looking for the super bloody, extreme violence and action you got from the last 6 issues, then you might be a little let down with this issue. However, what this story lacked in action I thought it did a great job of putting some more pieces in place that’s looking like will set up for quite a few stories to come for a while. We get some more insight into Angel’s recent change back into Archangel, as well as finding out if Rahne’s able to control herself whenever she see’s Warren. I thought there were some really great moments with Cyclops and Wolverine as Scott tries to figure out what to do with new X-Man Elixir who knows about the secret team after being called in to help heal Rahne in one of the earlier issues. Plus, we get the reappearance of one of the X-Men’s oldest foes. I’m really excited to see where this story goes. It builds upon what has been going on in the last arc, but then takes you in a new direction that I think will be very cool!

New series artist Mike Choi really delivers some solid work with this issue! I’m a fan of Mike Choi to begin with, so when I heard he was going to be doing this book I was pretty fired up. He definitely didn’t let me down! I’m really looking forward to seeing what he does with some big X-Force style action scenes! He draws a very cool Archangel, and since it now appears that he is a permanent member of the team, I can’t wait to see what he does with him in action.

In conclusion, this continues to be a book I’m really enjoying! I’m loving the new art team, and I’m excited to see what the new story arc has in store. If you haven’t checked out X-Force yet, I recommend giving it a shot. This is a great jumping on point!

Parental Advisory …$2.99

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Review: The Incredible Hercules #121

September 18th, 2008 Comments off

I’m going to be honest. After the Incredible Hulk became the Incredible Hercules, I dropped the title before I really even gave the book a chance. I have never been a huge Hercules fan. I always enjoyed him when he was with the Avengers, but as a solo character he was just never one who particularly interested me. Thus, the reason for dropping the book when the title changed. Over the last few months I have been hearing many people talking about how good the new book is. Well, curiosity finally got the best of me and I can totally see what everybody was talking about! This book was just pure comic book fun! The writing team of Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak deliver an off-the-wall fun ride that was a blast from beginning to end. I love the bits with Amadeus Cho here! World War Hulk kinda left me with a sour taste in my mouth for the character with the whole seventh smartest person in the world line thrown in our face every other panel. But here, he was was a great supporting character with some really funny dialog. The story as a whole, I just really had a good time with. There were great moments of action, a funny historic flashback, a few lessons in speaking ancient Greek and some hot, hormonally charged Amazons with guns! What more could you ask for?

How about some absolutely gorgeous art from Clayton Henry (Wolverine: First Class)! I absolutely loved the art in this book! Henry has a very clean line style that I thought was an excellent fit for this book. There was one scene in particular involving the Titan Atlas that I thought was just amazing! I think Guru-Efx should also get mentioned for their coloring work that helped make that scene so impressive.

In my opinion, this was a really great issue all around! I may have to go do a little back issue bin diving (oh, darn) and try and pull out some of the issues I’ve missed. I give this book two big thumbs up!

Rated A …$2.99

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Marvel Noise Episode 48

September 17th, 2008 Comments off

We’re back? We’re back! Sort of… Our host makes a brief cameo before handing it over to Pat, Mike, and Steve (with the new releases and current events, the Mighty Marvel Movie Minute, and Tales From the Comic Book Bunker, respectively) and sprinkled throughout are voicemails from Carlos!

Titles mentioned include X-Men: First Class, Captain Britain and MI:13, Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men: Legacy, Mighty Avengers, and Secret Invasion.

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Marvel items on sale, 9.17.08

Age Of The Sentry #1 Incentive Dave Bullock Variant Cover – [PI]
Age Of The Sentry #1 Regular Dave Bullock Cover $2.99
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #572 Regular John Romita Jr Cover $2.99
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #572 Variant David Finch Bullseye Cover $2.99
Captain America Death Of Captain America Vol 2 Burden Of Dreams TP $14.99
Captain Britain And MI 13 #5 Incentive Monkey Variant Cover – [PI]
Captain Britain And MI 13 #5 Regular Bryan Hitch Cover $2.99
Essential Iron Man Vol 1 TP All-New Edition $16.99
Essential Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Master Edition Vol 3 TP $16.99
Foolkiller White Angels #3 $3.99
Gene Colan Tribute Book Cover A Iron Man $9.99
Gene Colan Tribute Book Cover B Dracula $9.99
Gene Colan Tribute Book Cover C Marvel Monsters $9.99
Ghost Rider Vol 5 #27 $2.99
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 #5 Incentive Monkey Variant Cover (Secret Invasion Tie-In) – [PI]
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 #5 Regular Clint Langley Cover (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Incredible Hercules #121 Incentive Monkey Variant Cover – [PI]
Incredible Hercules #121 Regular Arthur Suydam Cover $2.99
Incredible Hercules Against The World TP $14.99
Iron Man Director Of SHIELD #33 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Marvel Adventures Avengers #28 $2.99
Marvel Adventures Two-In-One #15 $4.99
Marvel Apes #2 Incentive Phil Jimenez Variant Cover – [PI]
Marvel Apes #2 Regular John Watson Cover $3.99
Mighty Avengers #18 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Vol 11 HC Regular Dust Jacket $54.99
Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Vol 11 HC Variant Dust Jacket $54.99
Moon Knight Vol 5 #22 $2.99
Power Pack Day One TP Digest $7.99
Punisher MAX #62 $2.99
Raymond E Feists Magician Apprentice Vol 2 TP $15.99
Secret Invasion #6 Incentive Frank Cho Variant Cover – [PI]
Secret Invasion #6 Incentive Leinil Francis Yu Sketch Variant Cover – [PI]
Secret Invasion #6 Incentive Leinil Francis Yu Variant Cover – [PI]
Secret Invasion Thor #2 $2.99
Spider-Man Brand New Day Vol 3 HC $19.99
Skrulls vs Power Pack #3 $2.99
Squadron Supreme Vol 3 #3 Incentive Monkey Variant Cover – [PI]
Squadron Supreme Vol 3 #3 Regular Greg Land Cover $2.99
True Believers #3 $2.99
Uncanny X-Men #502 (X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In) $2.99
X-Factor Vol 3 #35 Incentive Monkey Variant Cover – [PI]
X-Factor Vol 3 #35 Regular Boo Cook Cover $2.99
X-Men First Class Vol 2 #16 $2.99
Young X-Men #6 Incentive Monkey Variant Cover (X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In) – [PI]
Young X-Men #6 Regular Terry Dodson Cover (X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In) $2.99

Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine Iron Man Movie Guide Special $22.00

Product Updates:

  • Captain Britain and MI 13 #5 (JUL082274D, $2.99; FOC 08/28/08) will have art by Pat Olliffe, not Leonard Kirk.
  • Marvel Adventures Two-in-One #15 (JUL082296D, $4.99) will contain stories from Marvel Adventures: Hulk #5, not Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #33. The book will still contain material from Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #41.
  • Mighty Avengers #18 (SI) (JUL082308D, $2.99; FOC 08/28/08) will have art by Stephano Caselli, not Khoi Pham.
  • Young X-Men #6 (MD) (JUL082351D, $2.99; FOC 8/28/08) will have art by Ben Oliver, not Yanick Paquette.
  • Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #28 (JUL082291D, $2.99; FOC 8/28/08) & #29 (AUG082359D, $2.99; FOC 09/25/08) will exchange contents. Corrected solicitation information for each follows:
    Written by Jeff Parker & Paul Tobin; penciled by Ig Guara & Mateo Lolli;cover by Sean Murphy & Guru eFX
    It’s just a cat, right? I mean, the Avengers should be able to rescue a cat from a tree, right? Unfortunately, when both cat and tree are in an overlapping universe, giving them a very ghostly, and very intangible presence, that does make it a puzzler. And it’s doubly hard for the Avengers when their efforts attract a deadly interdimensional monster! Plus, the somewhat scintillating menace of…Hammerhead!
    32 PGS./All Ages $2.99