Marvel Noise Episode 328

Steve, Kevin & Andrew spin some Marvel Tales from decades past with their long awaited deep dive into 1992’s Operation: Galactic Storm…Enjoy! #MN328 @marvelnoise

Marvel Noise Episode 327

March 1st, 2019 Comments off
Steve, Kevin and Andrew fire off some recent reads before diving into the solo Human Torch stories from Strange Tales 101-107….enjoy! #MN327 @marvelnoise

Marvel Noise Episode 326

January 31st, 2019 Comments off

Steve, Andrew and Kevin serve up the Marvel Universe by Frank Miller, a plethora of recent #1’s, and a Thunderbolts epilogue: Dark Avengers, vol.2!

Marvel Noise Episode 325

January 18th, 2019 Comments off
It’s wwxKevin’s annual list of his favorite comics from the past year! Plus: Dr StrangeWaid, Conan, X-Force, Iron Fist, Drax the Destroyer, Winter Soldier, Defenders: Best Defense, Marvel Smokers and more! @marvelnoise

Marvel Noise Episode 324

December 24th, 2018 Comments off
Steve takes us through the Special Christmas Issue of Marvel Team-Up (#127 from 1982), then Kevin and Andrew bear witness to Celestial Steve passing judgement on the Marvel Universe titles of 2018, clearing the deck for a new year from the House of Ideas….Enjoy! #MN324 @marvelnoise

Marvel Noise Episode 323

December 11th, 2018 Comments off

On this Giant-Size Marvel Noise we take a look at the Immortal Hulk series, the first 2 acts of the Spider-Geddon event, share our thoughts on Stan Lee’s passing, and wrap up 15 years of Thunderbolts comics with issues 173-175! Enjoy! #MN323 @marvelnoise

Marvel Noise Episode 322

A special Con-Men episode buys us some time after technical difficulties (resulting in a lost, unsalvageable segment) caused unexpected delays! Steve, Gary Arkell, and Andrew the LArabbit report on their adventures at the AlbanyComicBookShow, the New York ComicCon, and the LA ComicCon, respectively…..Enjoy! #MN322 @marvelnoise

Marvel Noise Episode 321

October 29th, 2018 Comments off

For our 2018 Halloween Episode, Steve, Andrew & Kevin curse us with Tomb of Dracula #43-44 (including a crossover with Dr Strange #14) and are then treated to Peter Pan’s Power Records rendition of Man-Thing #5….enjoy, and look for another new episode in a few short days! #MN321 @marvelnoise

Marvel Noise Episode 320

October 8th, 2018 Comments off

Steve & Mike Spring (from the After the Ending Podcast) give their spin on the 2018 Baltimore ComicCon, then Andrew & Kevin take advantage of the open mic and whip out a filibuster-sized discussion of unknown scope and subject! Enjoy! #MN320 @marvelnoise

Marvel Noise Episode 319

September 11th, 2018 Comments off

Steve, Kevin and Andrew whip up a recent reads roundtable with the 1st issues of West Coast Avengers, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Edge of Spider-Geddon and The Punisher, plus Steve’s Gwenpoole soapbox, character development trends, and another installment of our Project: Thunderbolts, covering issues 168-171….Enjoy!